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Entry #2

Audio portal approval stuff?

2010-06-13 08:00:45 by Matinace

I'm familiar with 2 weeks but i have been waiting for several months now.
any logic explanation for this?

-edit- problem solved.


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2010-06-14 05:35:53

if you have been waiting months then go ask around the audio portal.
I know that the wait list was up to 3 months last I checked

Matinace responds:

i think it's because the audio portal didn't actually process it.
Kind of stupid for me to realise this after all this time!


2010-06-18 23:11:07

beacsu ur music is shit

(Updated ) Matinace responds:

How can you tell, obviously i don't have any music up.
Aren't you the guy that went mad at a mod because he banned you for a set amount of time to which i responded "just because he banned you. kids these days..."?
Grow up, how old are you?
What the hell is a beacsu anyway?